Summer break


The last game before the summer is done and now it is time to relax and enjoy the summer. We had a lot of players in the beginning of the season, but of some reason, we have had problem to get players for the games, due to injure, travelling, work, etc. We manage to get people to all the games and thanks to everyone that helped us. Next match is 12th of August and we have to start to build up a good team for the autumn and for the next season. Some players will leave a…fter the summer, so we have to start to find new players. If you have some friends that are interested to play football or if you are new in Lund and want to play football during the autumn, please contact the trainers Calle ( or Alex ( Since next match is early in August, we know that many players are not back in Lund, so we hope that everyone that is near Lund at that time, will try to check their agenda so they can play.

For the people that will be in Lund during the summer, we will try to train once a week. We will just split up in teams and play and maybe some small exercises. Here you can take friends with you, so we will be some players. Check our facebook group (FC Helsingkrona – Men) for more information.

I wish you all a good summer and assume that everyone will eat healthy, run every second day, avoid sun, alcohol, sex, drugs, etc. or you can do the opposite.